Shortlisted for Total Theatre Award in Innovation, Experimentation and Playing With Form for Beating McEnroe in 2013

Shortlisted for the Creative Carbon Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award for I Am A Tree 2017

Shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award for Experimentation and Innovation for O No! in 2015

Winner of the From Edinburgh with Love award from Ovalhouse for Beating McEnroe

Winner of the Best Show at Birmingham’s BE Festival as voted by the audience for Beating McEnroe in 2014

Winner of Fringe First for Paperweight in 2008

"Half shaman, half buffoon" The Telegraph


International Art Clown Jamie Wood is a performer and director with a strong record in creating striking and accessible theatre which has toured extensively all over the world. His work reflects a training combining fine art, theatre, clown and dance and ranges from the comic and darkly surreal plays of The Frequency D’Ici (Paperweight, Fringe First 2008, Director and devisor) to the physical and visual poetics of Petra’s Pulse (Aegean Fatigue, National Review of Live Art 2008, Co-director and Performer).  

Jamie is also a qualified Giggle Doctor, working through Theodora Children's Charity, and was featured on Nina Conti's Clowning Around Documentary (BBC4, 2015). 

Jamie Wood: 

"I’ve been devising and making work collaboratively for twenty years. I had thought I wanted to be a painter but then I discovered theatre. What attracted me to theatre was sharing a room with people, whereas painting was solitary. I find people fascinating. The period of conversation, thinking, exploration and experimentation, the discovery of languages for each particular piece feels like mixing colours whilst the construction of the piece with its structure, tones and rhythms feels like applying paint to a canvas. To create a piece of work that belongs collectively to a group of people, who share a particular period in their lives as they wrestle with specific questions and ideas is an extraordinary privilege.

Up to this point, I’ve created a nomadic and varied existence for myself as a theatre-maker. I make my own work, as well as directing, devising and/or performing in work initiated by other people."