“My face hurt from laughing so much... an insightful experience, a caring approach and supportive atmosphere...”

Workshop Leader and deviser

Jamie specializes in teaching clown and devising. In 2017/18 he was Director in Residence at the prestigious Bedales School in Petersfield. He regularly teaches and directs at The Central School of Speech and Drama and East 15 Acting School. He has also taught at Physical Fest Liverpool and BE Festival and teaches independent workshops throughout the UK.

Workshops suit all age groups, and can be tailored according to your organisations needs. A recent workshop held in Sheffield had participants ranging from 18-65 years of age.

As part of Jamie's practice he teaches within many different contexts. The workshop he teaches around the world is called Effortlessly Funny.

Effortlessley Funny

An invitation to let down the defences that prevent people from laughing at you. This is a workshop led by Jamie, exploring his definition of the word, 'clown'. We try very hard all the time to not appear idiotic, what would happen if we stopped trying? It will lead participants through a series of exercises and provocations connecting body, voice and imagination with the presence of an audience and explore what that relationship can create if listened to.

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in being with an audience and laughter. There is no previous experience required, just coming with an open-mind.

"In the workshop I create an atmosphere of play, support and provocation which encourages participants to open up and share themselves fully with an audience, then experience and enjoy the resulting laughter."

“Heart and soul opening work. Playful, joyful, fragile and totally challenging. A discovering of your essence... and that that is where your clown lives. And Jamie as a teacher is wonderful and gentle and challenging and nurturing and creates a safe space to explore the depths inside you.”